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Many people consider investing in real estate as a way to make instant profit or build passive income for future. There are pros and cons to taking that leap, but if you do, here are 6 things to know.

Visit a mortgage broker to determine how much money you can afford to borrow responsibly for your investment.

Use an experienced local real estate agent who also invests in real estate themselves. Investors learn about the pitfalls only through first-hand experience, both good and bad, and you want that experience working for you as well.

Have any property inspected by a professional home inspector. In addition, find a contractor who you can trust to give you the right advice for any minor repairs or renovations that may be required, especially for older properties, in order to add the most value to your investment.

Consult with accountant and lawyer as to how you will take ownership of the property. There are some benefits in taking title in the name of a limited company, in order to protect yourself against personal liability should someone get hurt on the property and for other tax planning purposes.

Hire an experienced property manager to assist you in finding suitable tenants and dealing with any ongoing maintenance, repairs or other complaints by tenants. You do not wish to be woken up in the middle of the night to handle emergency repairs

Gather information from the city planning department to determine future development planning in order to find out which areas will be more profitable for investment in the future and based on this information choose a particular project

Invest Connect management provide all this services for the investors. The beauty of investing with us is that we provide all this services and advises from one location. Also on the monthly basis we provide very informative seminars. And even if you are new in Real Estate investing, with our help you will invest with excellent profit