Date: 14.03.2019 6:30 PM
Location: 10376 Yonge St, Unit 306, Richmond Hill

 This seminar is for those who want to learn how hundreds of our clients make a profit by investing in condominiums at the initial stage of construction.

1. We will describe in detail about several investment strategies that bring a profit of more than 50% per year and will show you real examples of investment transactions of our clients.

2. We will discuss how to properly use credit for investment in order to increase profit.

3. We will discuss the taxation of investment transactions.

4. We will explain you how to choose the right project to maximize profit

5. We will also discuss the state of the market, analysts’ forecasts and projects going on sale in the near future.

Семинар успешно проведён
Maxim Baginskiy and Alex Gasenko


Date: 28.03.2019 6:30 PM
Location: 10376 Yonge St, Unit 306, Richmond Hill

1. We will discuss city development plans.

2. What areas in GTA and suburbs are most profitable for investment in the coming years

3. Step by step instructions on how to buy the first investment property and create a platform for future investments and financial independence

4. Use of credit lines, credit cards, RRSP, TFSA and other credit resources for the purchase of investment property. How profitable is it? Financial calculations on real examples of previous transactions

5. New and very profitable investment strategy — Vacation property investment , profitability calculations and existing opportunities

Days left: 8 Seats left: 35
Maxim Baginskiy and Alex Gasenko